Services I offer also include installation of stoves with water jacket. This is another form of central heating in which the stove acts as a boiler. The heat is transferred to the radiators or other heat exchangers (buffer, underfloor heating, water tank) through a pipe network.


Most commonly, the stove with a water jacket is added onto a central heating installation which already has a boiler.

With my previous experience at starting-up and testing various configurations of heat sources and exchangers, I am able to carry out any installation required. In result, the installation will be fully automated without the need to manually close or open the valves.

For instance, if the gas boiler is used as the primary heat source for the house and the stove is started-up, the boiler will automatically switch off until the stove is no longer in use.

These types of installations vary largely: they can be relatively simple or very complex and all should be discussed individually. Below is an example of one of my complex installations with a buffer, which consisted of:

Heat sources:

  • gas boiler
  • two stoves with a water jacket
  • solar collectors

Heat exchangers:

  • underfloor heating ground floor
  • underfloor heating 1st floor
  • towel rail (summer option)
  • seperate heat source for the utility building (radiators)
  • hot water