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About / What we do

Don’t be alarmed! Despite the pear-shaped business logo, hiring me will never go "pear-shaped" and this unusual logo is simply due to my surname.

If you decide to use my services, you will benefit from my 20+ years of work experience in the field, which include 14 years in Scotland. During this time, I have continued to expand my expertise both theoretically and practically and have come up with effective solutions to various installation issues. This means that my services are highly reliable and can be trusted.

While the subpages will detail the different heat sources and exchangers on offer, I would like to focus on what these have in common here – the pipework. There is a broad range of pipes available on the market. In the past, I have worked with steel, soldered copper and various plastic pipes. However, in the last 5 years, I have moved towards installations with copper-based pipes joined together by crimp fittings distributed by the German company Geberit.




Geberit’s products guarantee that my installations are reliable, leak-proof and completed to a professional standard.

As a professional I aim to fit my installations with the highest attention to detail.

Previous clients have said that similarly to Zorro who carves his initial with the blade, I leave a signature on my installations, making my work recognisable.



I invite you to use my professional services and assure you that you will be treated as my client every step of the way: from installation to maintenance or any necessary part replacement at a later date.

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